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Information technology - Module 49

This study guide can be used as a guide to understand computing (the fundamentals of utilising a computer/laptop or digital device) as well as ICT’s (...

Popular Counselling methods - Module 6

In this study unit we will guide you through the precepts of Logotherapy and teach you how to use it in counselling to enrich the world of your client...

Traumatology - Module 11

The aim is to help trauma victims regain total wellbeing and resume their normal lives.

Research - Module 23

In these study units we follow this attitude of optimism by encouraging students to look forward to their research projects because they have mastered...

Dyslexia WEBINAR - Mitchell House School

This webinar is presented for Mitchell House School.

Holistic Neuroplasticity & Creativity Course

Practical Holistic Neuroplasticity & Creativity Course Build New Circuitry for Brain and Body to align Body, Mind & Soul

Holistic Stress Solutions

An Holistic, Integrative Approach to Help You Manage Your Stress Effectively

Theology of Heart- Pneumatology

This study unit introduces the learner to the Spirit of God as the most forcible and also the most penetrative power in the universe: unseen, unheard,...

Lifestyle coaching for physical wellness

Wellness orientated counsellors practice holistic healthcare. This means that they see the client as a bio-psychosocial system. This is the basis fo...

Introduction to Ethnomedicine for wellness counsellors

There is a intense renewed interest in Ethnomedicine (traditional herbalism) as part of the broader framework of the wellness healthcare movement

Therapeutic Energies

The spectrum of energy related modalities

Helping a client deal with worry

Worry is a cycle of repetitive, negative thoughts that some people may find difficult to stop on their own. While most people worry from time to time,...

Counselling Families with Learning Disabilities

We seldom look at how having a child with learning difficulties impacts the entire family. In this course, we take an in-depth look at how the dynamic...

A Theology of heart module 2

Nowhere else does the divine economy become as clear as in studying the history and theology of the tabernacle.

Dyslexia Webinar for Education Students

Presenter:  Carine Steenkamp (previously Mays) This course takes you on a powerful journey through the life of a dyslexic learner. It will change the...

Board Examination

Board Examination

Advanced wellness course - Module 37

This is a unique course that takes the student interested in healthcare coaching and counselling through all the facets of the wellness model. Wellnes...

Module 14.1 Psych for counselors

Psychology is not counselling and neither is counselling psychology, yet they are related fields for we counsel from a psychological background. Psych...

A theology of heart Module 1

Theology is a way to love God with the mind. It provides a way to strengthen faith and give an account of why we believe what we believe. The conten...

Module 26 - Lifestyle coaching and counsnelling

The aim of these study units is to teach skills to the Wellness Counsellor (WC) to be able to guide clients to higher-level wellness in order to impro...


Synergetica (Liedani CC)

The Synergetica Student Support Centre was established in 2002 as a student support centre to develop and offer short wellness related courses and CPD training.

Dr Joy Schoeman

Specialist Wellness Counsellor have the applicable postgraduate qualification on NQF level 8 and above, and at least 100 hours of practical experience. We serve to enhance the total wellbeing of our clients by making use of a systemic approach to counselling.

Dyslexia Today

Dyslexia Today provides training and information about Dyslexia for Teachers and Therapists. All our Courses are SACE accredited.

GoFocus Learning Centres

GoFocus Learning Centres offers a dynamic concept in installing and correcting reading, spelling, handwriting as well as the correction/prevention of dyslexia symptoms for learners between Gr. 1 – 12.

MDH Training services

WELLNESS HEALTHCARE AND COUNSELLING SHORT COURSE Introduction This is a counselling course with a difference – it is counselling contextualised in wellbeing.

Project management superheroes

Eric has been in the project management environment for the more than 40 years. Both as a lecturer and a professional project manager, managing multi million dollar projects.

The Wellness Specialist Training Academy

The Wellness Specialist offers specialized training in the area of trauma, grief, loss, bereavement and end of life support for practitioners and those who would like to start a career in these areas. TWS offers full certification courses that are internationally accredited as well as shorted courses for continuous development

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