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Grace as existential living space (2024 CPD)

WRITE-UP CPD: Grace as existential space Why a CPD on the topic of grace, you might ask? There are many reasons, but I would say that one of the pr...

Introduction to Narrative Therapy when working with children

This 4-part presentation is designed for people who have an interest in developing their understanding of using Narrative Therapy ideas in their appro...

CPD 24.4 Wellness modalities

The idea is not to change the counsellor into an herbalist, but to empower the counsellor with an additional modality within the holistic domain to ma...

Materia Medica - Module 36

There is currently a global shift to green healthcare and integrated wellness which open up the potential of organic medicines. Counsellors and coach...

Module 38 - Herbal health Shop & Healing kitchen

Counsellors and coaches who work in the wellness domain, have access to a broad spectrum of modalities, viz. body therapies, counselling and coaching,...

Webinar: Wellbeing as holistic circle of care 2023

Open to ASCHP and CCSA members and all health practitioners with an interest in wellbeing as counselling approach

Module 15 - Process Of Counselling

Supportive counselling is not a recipe to be executed in three easy steps. It is a creative process that is constituted according to the needs requir...

Module 16 - Natural Mental Healthcare

In this study guide the candidate will be introduced to all these subdivisions as effective means to render client support. A comprehensive natural su...

Module 33 - The science of herbalism

Plants manufacture and contain biochemical compounds known as phytochemicals that are pharmacologically active. Although indigenous folk medicine is t...

Grief & Loss for Counselling

Loss and the grief that follows, is central to many of client’s presenting problems. For many, the starting point is recognising and acknowledging t...

Co-Parenting through divorce: Tools for successful joint custody

Co-Parenting through a divorce: Tools for successful joint custody. Parenting challenges. Tools to help your child cope


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THG 07 Kingdom of God

The ‘kingdom of God’ is a central theme of the Bible that binds all aspects together – creation, salvation, the place of Israel and the church in God’...

THG module 06 Soteriology

In the plan and rituals of the tabernacle the atoning work of Christ becomes clear and therefore it is an illustration of salvation. We make use of th...

Introduction to self-care - Module 9

In this module you will learn how to facilitate the self-care of your client as actient and what a self-care programme entails.

Meta Theory - Module 13

There is a global transformation underway to shift care-giving beyond healthcare to what I call facilitated life-care. What is the difference and why ...

THG 05 - Pneumatology

The study of pneumatology is of tremendous importance to Christians as it is a study of God Himself. The Holy Spirit plays a vital role in the life of...

Module THG 04 - Christology

By completing this study unit the candidate will be able to explain theological challenges such as the two natures of Jesus, the theological significa...


It is impossible for Bible-believing Christians to study the true God – even to ask questions about the nature of our Creator! The reason is that God,...

A theology of heart - THG 02 Revelation

Everyone has an idea about God, informed by education and upbringing, personal experience, rational reflection and so on. In this study unit we provi...


Synergetica (Liedani CC)

The Synergetica Student Support Centre was established in 2002 as a student support centre to develop and offer short wellness related courses and CPD training.

Community Of Counsellors In SA (Pty) Ltd

Theology is to us, the compilers, a way to love God with all our minds. Accordingly, we aim to make this course a life-enriching experience both for believers and non-believers alike who may be interested in the value of spirituality to enhance human existence. We do not promote any specific church dogma or doctrine; we rather hope to inspire sound theologizing to enable the candidate to develop his or her competence in this exciting field of study. The content may count credits towards an accredited qualification in ministry and credits are obtained by completing the multiple-choice questionnaire for each study unit. We do trust that you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed compiling the course.

Dr Joy Schoeman

Specialist Wellness Counsellor have the applicable postgraduate qualification on NQF level 8 and above, and at least 100 hours of practical experience. We serve to enhance the total wellbeing of our clients by making use of a systemic approach to counselling.

Dyslexia Today

Dyslexia Today provides training and information about Dyslexia for Teachers and Therapists. All our Courses are SACE accredited.

Get Up and Grow

Get Up and Grow is an online community where we cultivate resilience in all aspects of life, no matter what adversity or trauma you are currently facing or have experienced in the past. You'll find a variety of courses teaching valuable life skills, offering practical tools and real-life tips to support you through any challenging situation, while empowering you to foster strong and healthy relationships and families. When life knocks you down, I invite you to get up, learn the lessons it offers and grow, so that you can thrive!

GoFocus Learning Centres

GoFocus Learning Centres offers a dynamic concept in installing and correcting reading, spelling, handwriting as well as the correction/prevention of dyslexia symptoms for learners between Gr. 1 – 12.

Hope House Counselling Centre

h o p e [to believe. to wait in expectation] NPO since 2004, giving donation based counselling in the Cape Town areas.

ITC Academy

MDH Training services

WELLNESS HEALTHCARE AND COUNSELLING SHORT COURSE Introduction This is a counselling course with a difference – it is counselling contextualised in wellbeing.

Narratively Speaking

Through our NarrativelySpeaking training platform we hope to ignite your imagination about meaningful ways of relating to children and young people.

Project management superheroes

Eric has been in the project management environment for the more than 40 years. Both as a lecturer and a professional project manager, managing multi million dollar projects.

The Wellness Specialist Training Academy

The Wellness Specialist offers specialized training in the area of trauma, grief, loss, bereavement and end of life support for practitioners and those who would like to start a career in these areas. TWS offers full certification courses that are internationally accredited as well as shorted courses for continuous development

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