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Module 38 - Herbal health Shop & Healing kitchen

Counsellors and coaches who work in the wellness domain, have access to a broad spectrum of modalities, viz. body therapies, counselling and coaching, energy medicine and herbalism, that serve as helpful tools and techniques. Due to the fact that wellness follows a holistic strategy, herbalism can provide good biochemical support to the human body. Bodymind medicine accepts that the mental, emotional and neurological aspects are interwoven to the extend that everything we do, think, feel and belief exerts an influence on the client’s wellbeing as biopsychosocial system.

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Gideon Robert University - Melzara College

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  • Here is exactly what we cover in this course:

    In study unit 38.1 the focus will fall on herbalism as a complementary system that can support and enhance a  counselling practice. We also include aromatherapy as part of plant based therapies. It refers to the inhaling of essential oils for therapeutic benefit.

    The idea is not to change the counsellor into a herbalist, but to empower the counsellor with an additional modality within the holistic domain to maximise professional service.

    In study unit 38.2 we will provide and overview of culinary healing herbs, ways to use them and grow them. This knowledge is the basis of self-care. Any family can benefit form herbal remedies in the pantry.

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