Frequently Asked Questions


  • Banking Details

    Why do I need to enter my banking details? 

    The banking details are required for the payout process. This will be the bank account where the funds will be paid into once you request a payout as an Instructor. The banking details are not verified so make sure it is correct.

    This is only applicable for Instructors that are offering courses for a fee.

    Monthly subscription.

    The monthly subscription is managed via the Payfast process that was completed at the enrollment as an instructor. The entering of the banking details will not alter the subscription.

    If you have any questions please contact us.

  • Registration

    How to register an account. 

    Follow the link to Then at the top right of the screen, select the person icon, then select register.

    Complete all the relevant details and at the bottom select register.

    This will ensure that you will have access to all the courses as a student.

    How to register an instructor account. 

    An Instructor account will allow you to view and partake in courses and upload your own courses.

    Follow the registration process as above. Once you have registered an account and are logged in your account, select Become an Instructor at the bottom of the home page under Links.

    There are two plans that you may choose from. The free plan is the default plan for a new user. If you wish to change to the paid subscription then select the VideoLearn Pro plan.

    Enter your banking details at the bottom and then Enroll as an Instructor.

    The page will follow to the Payfast platform where you may complete the subscription option. Once you have completed the process, your plan is changed to the paid plan with all the full benefits. You may, at any time, change back to the free plan.

    The page explains the difference between the free and the paid plan.

    If you have any questions, please contact us.

  • Settings

    Account Settings.

    Once you are logged in to your account. Select the person icon on the right-hand top and select Account settings.

    User Info

    This is covered in Registration of an account.

    Banking Details.

    This is covered under banking details.

    My Channel.

    VideoLearn’s uses the concept of channels to group instructor courses together and to allow an Instructor to brand their channel and advertise their courses together.

    My Channel is where you manage what is illustrated on the space you obtain in the home screen.

    Your channel URL. This is the dedicated URL for your channel. Once you use the URL the link will take you to your personal channel within VideoLearn and will skip the General Home page. You may use this URL as a link form your website or another platform.

    Make your channel private. 

    This will allow your channel to not be publicly available. Your channel will not be listed among the other channels on the VideoLearn Home page and a person that follows your channel will not be able to view the home page of VideoLearn.

    Channel Title

    Create your own unique channel name.


    This is the description that will be visible on the home screen to describe your channel.


    This box allows a more descriptive of the channel. This is viewable once a person has followed your channel.

    Cover Image

    You can upload a cover image.

    Embed URL

    You can also upload a URL if the image is placed on a server or to load your blog or website as part of your channel page.

    Embed Height

    The recommended default is 500px

    If you have any questions please contact us.


  • Enrolling for a course

    How do I enroll for a course?

    In order to enroll for a course you will need to be a registered VideoLearn user. You can follow registration under the FAQ's for more information.

    Once you are logged in, you can can either search for a course. Or browse for a course by category. You can also go to an Instructor's channel and view the available courses.

    Ince you have found a course that interests you, click the green enroll button on the course details screen. The next step will be to make the payment. Payment can be made either via PayFast, or via EFT. Eft payments takes up to 48 hours to clear, where payfast payments are immediate.

    Once your payment is made, you can go back to the course details screen, then click the green Start button to start your course.

    Some courses have assessments and an Accreditation, once you have completed the assessment your accreditation will be allocated by the instructor.