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Heart Health

Research shows that the heart has a far-reaching effect on our health and happiness.

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    Research shows that the heart has a far-reaching effect on our health and happiness

    If, for instance, you focus on, or visualize feelings of love, peace and gratitude, your breathing and heart rate slow down, and become synchronized and harmonious.

    Meditation has a similar effect.

    Feelings of love also have a positive influence on the immune system, hormones and cognitive brain function

    This CPD Course will explain the research, symptoms of heart disease and necessary screening tests to assess risk factors. Then it will take you through epigenetic restructuring and many practical, simple tools and techniques for heart health. It also teaches you about micronutrients, herbal remedies and food choices for heart health.

    The feelings and emotions of kindness, compassion, appreciation and love can be encoded into your heart, creating a coherent wave pattern between your heart and brain, amplifying the electromagnetic field generated by both organs, reaching out, and extending from, the body, to encompass not only yourself, but everyone and everything around you.

    Practical process to calm the heart and mind

    Sit comfortably on the floor or in a chair, in a quiet place, or outside in the greenness of nature, with soft pink candle light, rose quartz crystal and soothing music if you prefer. Hold your back straight, chin parallel to the floor, hands relaxed in your lap, eyes closed. Breathe deeply and slowly and feel yourself relaxing with each exhalation. Do this for 5-10 minutes until you’re completely relaxed. As you breathe in and out, know that when the heart beats, it pumps blood to itself first, and from there to the rest of the body. If it didn’t do this, the rest of the body would die. This is an example of self-love. It is not a selfish act. Give appreciation and deep love to your own heart, for its lifetime of service.

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