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Module 4 - Specialised sector in counselling

The diversity of counselling methods related to different types of intelligence: The role of teaching, sociology, art and salutogenesis in counselling

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Gideon Robert University - Melzara College

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  • Description

    The counsellor needs to know how to use various methods  according to client predispositions.  The outcomes of this module covers the following: 

    • Selecting a counselling method aligned to client intelligence type and personality

    Ways to enhance  clients wellbeing related to stress and burnout

    Here is exactly what we cover in this course:

    Study unit 4.1 Alternative counselling methods

    This study unit will introduce you to the value of counselling in the following areas: Counselling as teaching, counselling as socio-therapy, counselling  skills and art therapy. We also discuss the principles and practice of wellness coaching with reference to caregiving, the dimensions of wellness and the importance of facilitated self-care of the client.

    Study unit 4.2 Counselling for stress and burnout. 

    Stress and burnout pose a huge health  risk to modern day people due to living conditions. This content will render you as counsellor competent to help clients overcome burnout, reduce and manage stress.

    Study unit 4.3 Counselling people with substance abuse challenges and high sensitivity

    Substance abuse is known as the silent epidemic that destroys life.  This overview will introduce you as counsellor to the list of popular street drugs, drug dependence theories and natural wellness protocols to support such people, with special reference to highly sensitive clients.

  • Course Curriculum

    • Study unit 4.1
      • Alternative counselling methods
      • Next Step
      • assessment
    • Study unit 4.2
      • Counselling for stress and burnout
      • Next Step
      • assessment
    • Study unit 4.3
      • Next Step
      • assessment

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