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Module 3 - Credentialing in counselling

You will learn how to use counselling skills and what is expected from you as professional.

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35 Days Learning Content
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  • Description

    This programme offers competence in the practice of facilitated self-care of clients based on counselling/coaching skills and techniques following wellness theory.

    Here is exactly what we cover in this course:

    Study unit 3.1 of his module will introduce the student to professional ethics in counselling, client rights, jurisprudence (or legal aspects), counsellor competence and professionalism  and the scope of practice.  

    Study unit 3.2 provides an overview of psychology as background study for the wellness counsellor. It covers a brief history of psychology as subject with reference to the contribution of significant psychologists, the way psychological theory is applied in psychotherapies, the major topics covered by the content of psychology, aspects of mental healthcare and abnormal psychology with reference to treatment and examples of how psychology can be applied as counselling skill in the form of TIR.

    Study unit 3.3 puts the focus on the interesting subject of bodymind therapies employed in wellness context.  It discusses the theory underlying bodymind therapies, and gives and overview of techniques such as guided imagery, and salutogenic methods of doing counselling. 

    The content of this model provides credentials to the counsellor in the form of competence in the areas of wellness counselling.

  • Course Curriculum