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THG 05 - Pneumatology

The study of pneumatology is of tremendous importance to Christians as it is a study of God Himself. The Holy Spirit plays a vital role in the life of each believer as Comforter (John 16: 7), and Helper in spiritual growth and prayer (Romans 8: 26).

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  • Description

    Studying the role and work of the Holy Spirit also protects us from the inaccurate teachings that sometimes circulate, even within churches. By engaging in pneumatology, we can grow personally and help others to live according to what Scripture truly teaches in this area.

    Our approach in this training programme is not to present Pneumatology as a separate doctrine in isolation (that would reduce it to an abstract doctrine with no personal meaning). Our approach is from an unconventional angle to make it more relevant to the believers’ practical life.

    The word Pneumatology refers to the study of the biblical revelations about the Holy Spirit. In Christian systematic theology, Pneumatology is the branch of study that investigates what the Bible teaches about the Person as well as the work of the Holy Spirit.

    Here is exactly what we cover in this course:

    Generally, this includes such topics as:  

    • The ‘nothingness’ of the spiritual realm
    • Materialism that denies spiritual reality
    • The quantum reality that opens up vistas of transcendent realities
    • The Spirit of God as invisible reality
    • the personality of the Spirit,
    • the deity of the Spirit, and
    • the work of the Spirit as told throughout Scripture.

    Upon completion of this study unit the  candidate should be able to explain the theological significance of pneumatology and the meaning of God as spirit who is not a being next to other beings, but rather ‘letting be’ through the dynamic spiritual action.

  • Course Curriculum

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