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Marriage counselling - Module 7

Relationships, marriage and family life are three complex, interlinked aspects of human existence.

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Gideon Robert University - Melzara College

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  • Description

    In study unit 7.1 we aim to introduce the counsellor to various family and couples enrichment programmes with the objective to enable the counsellor to present such sessions. It takes years of practice and much experience to become a renowned marriage/couples counsellor, but the best place to start is right now with this course.

    Don’t be concerned if you are not able to forthright master all the theory and concepts for most of it can be learned as you proceed with marriage counselling.  We want you simply to know that there are various good programmes and that they offer great potential for marriage enrichment. At this stage you do  not have to determine which is the best option, for that will become clear over time.

    In study unit 7.2 we will focus on the romantic, medical and sexual aspects of marriage.  The first section deals with love, communication and other aspects  in marriage and the second section looks at some clinical/technical  aspects of  medical conditions related to the male and female sex organs.  In the last section we will give consideration to social and psychological challenges such as pedophilia, perversion, homosexuality and narcissism. As counsellors our aim is not to make moral judgments, but simply to take note of these aspects that may impact on the marriage relationships and give

    consideration to ways of dealing with it.  We will also briefly refer to some religious perspectives that may be morally helpful, without favoring a specific dogmatic stance. 

    Here is exactly what we cover in this course:

    We trust that you as marriage counsellor may find it helpful to increase your competence in the field.  Once you have worked through the study unit, you are invited to complete the multiple choice assignment in order to gain the credits.

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