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Module 35 - Introduction to energy medicine modalities

Wellness healthcare accommodates energy medicine and its modalities in line with the idea that the universe is in essence condensed energy. Although this perspective sprouts originally from Eastern world views, it is congruent with the principles of quantum mechanics and the ground breaking theories of Albert Einstein as we shall see. Accordingly when we regard the human body as energetic patterns, we find ourselves in good scientific circles on the forefront of research.

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  • Here is exactly what we cover in this course:

    In study unit 35.1 we discuss

    • An overview of therapeutic energies
    • Colour therapy as modality
    • Chrystal healing as modality


    Energy medicine is a modality that holds tremendous potential for screening and therapy and the student will benefit largely by mastering the basics.  In this study unit we discuss the underlying theories such as the quantum field and the meridian system. We also provide an overview of some energy screening devices. 

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