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Traumatology - Module 11

The aim is to help trauma victims regain total wellbeing and resume their normal lives.

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35 Days Learning Content
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  • Description

    Image result for TRAUMAThe counsellor in modern society is challenged by many complex issues of which traumatised clients is one factor that needs specialised intervention, namely  trauma debriefing and counselling of acute and post traumatic stress disorders.

    There is a broad consensus that crime and violence pose a particular threat to the young and old and negatively affects the overall wellbeing of all its citizens. This necessitates every counsellor to have a thorough knowledge of trauma and its neurobiology and to be competent in applying effective debriefing techniques. In this study guide we will discuss the signs and symptoms of trauma and traumatic stress disorders, ways to help victims cope and the insight to differentiate between various stressors such as:

    -     External stressors (e.g., community and /or gang hostility as well as the unfriendly criminal justice system).

    -     Internal stressors (e.g., inadequate security, organisational changes, labour issues.)

    -     Personal stressors (e.g., feelings of incompetence or fear).

    The aim is to help trauma victims regain total wellbeing and resume their normal lives. 

    Here is exactly what we cover in this course:


    The study is divided into two study units and we cover the following facets:

    • The nature, signs and symptoms of stress and trauma
    • The serious effects of overwhelming trauma
    • Vicarious and secondary traumatization
    • Stress theories and stress reactions
    • Cross-cultural and religious diversity factors in trauma
    • Cognitive, emotional, behavioural and spiritual reactions to trauma
    • Acute stress disorder, complex PTDS and post traumatic stress disorder
    • Identity loss and loss of meaning
    • Theories in support of pre-traumatic counselling
    • Debriefing models and techniques

    Each study unit is completed by working through the content of the material and filling in the multiple choice questionnaires that will be digitally marked to gain the academic credits.

    These study units form part of the curriculum of the BA (SW) degree in Counselling and Wellness Healthcare certified by an accredited training institution. The syllabus is aligned to the scope of practice of a professional body for counsellors.  All certificates are to be kept in a portfolio of evidence (POE) for assessment purposes.

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