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A theology of heart - THG 02 Revelation

Everyone has an idea about God, informed by education and upbringing, personal experience, rational reflection and so on. In this study unit we provide a useful and interesting overview of various ways in which humans depict God. This makes God personal to you and me, but is that really the reality of God? The Scriptures maintain that God makes himself known to those that seek Him and without this revelation it would be impossible to know God as Spirit.

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  • Here is exactly what we cover in this course:

    As God, He is per definition transcendent which means he is not accessible to our senses of observation.  Revelation describes the way in which God makes himself known and the essence of this is that He is revealed in Jesus Christ who is God that comes to us in incarnated form.  The content of his revelation is that He acts in a triune way, is loving and holy and enters into a covenant with us to be a father to us.  By completing this study unit, the candidate will be able to explain the meaning of faith, revelation, transcendence and epistemological status of faith declarations. As such it lays a foundation for theology.

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