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Module 14.1 Psych for counselors

Psychology is not counselling and neither is counselling psychology, yet they are related fields for we counsel from a psychological background. Psychology is a science that helps us understand behaviour – normal as well as abnormal for the counsellor interacts with the behaviour of clients. This does not make the wellness orientated counsellor a psychologist for psychotherapy is a tool used by psychologists whereas the wellness counsellor/coach employs wellness techniques in counselling.

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  • Here is exactly what we cover in this course:

                    Psychology is helpful but it cannot teach you how to love, how to take care of people and to show compassion. These are the things that make counselling powerful for techniques and tools are merely aids and not the core of counselling. Psychologists may make use of cognitive behaviour therapies, but normally  leave the body out of the equation and misjudges the fact that it is not the  rational thinking that controls behaviour, but feelings. Therefore we cannot make counsellors out of people by training people in psychology, we can only enhance the competence of dedicated counsellors by teaching them how to put psychology in action.    The value of psychology is only realised when it helps us discover the story behind the story.  This is the aim of this module.

    We will introduce you to all the topics of psychology to help orientate you in the discipline. The module is based on the text book:  In Search of the Human Mind by Robert Sternberg. We trust that you will enjoy it. 

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