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Module 25 nutritional wellness

By successfully completing this modules you will be competent to start providing lifestyle coaching. These study units form part of the course in Wellness Counselling and Coaching and is aligned to the scope of practice of the professional body.

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35 Days Learning Content
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  • Here is exactly what we cover in this course:

    There is an urgent need to train wellness counsellors and coaches in lifestyle nutrition. They will then be able to provide guidance and support to clients who seek help and healing.  This could add a new dimension to your counselling practice for everyone is in constant need to improve physical wellness due to the fact that  "Just because you're not sick doesn't mean you're healthy"  ~Author Unknown

    We are living in a fast food lane where the connection between healthy living and nutrition is not always clear. Yet, a new breed of professionals is rediscovering the direct relationship between nutrition and physical wellbeing.  We find that increasing numbers of people attend gym regularly and are more conscious of eating healthy diets. Adopting better life styles become especially crucial to the professional who is exposed to extremely stressful living. This module aims to provide you as wellness counsellor/coach with the necessary skills to practice nutritional wellness based on sound principles of natural medicine

    In study unit 25.1 Nutritional Wellness, we will provide you with an overview of nutrition with reference to food groups and how it relates to health and healing

    In module 25.2 Lifestyle Nutrition,  we go deeper into the topic to show how plants foods and nutrition van support ailments with reference to the metabolic type of your client

    In module 25.3  Vitamin and Mineral Support for wellbeing, we devote discussion to the health and healing benefits of vitamins and minerals.

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