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Advanced wellness course - Module 37

This is a unique course that takes the student interested in healthcare coaching and counselling through all the facets of the wellness model. Wellness and wellbeing are buzz words in the industry and health/wellness coaching is a popular occupation in the market place. This module forms part of a comprehensive wellness training programme that covers the roots of the wellness movement, its methods, modalities and practical applications as well as its underlying the philosophical presuppositions.

R 1650

This Course Includes

35 Days Learning Content
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MDH Training Services - Student Support Centre

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  • Description

    By working through the three study units the student will learn that wellness is …

    -in principle holistic because it works with the human person as  bio-psychosocial system,

    -in method salutogenic, i.e. aims not at treatment, but  improving and enhancing wellbeing,

    -in scope multidimensional, i.e. covering psychological, social, physical and spiritual wellbeing,

    -in practice non-invasive and complementary because it supports self-care,

    -in value beneficial for its objective is preventative healthcare,

    -In marketing perspective popular and trending,

    -In clinical setting scientific founded as it is based on research findings.

    This E-learning course can be completed by filling in the multiple choice questionnaire at the end of each study unit. It will be digitally marked and digitally certified. By completing all the modules in the programme, candidates can accumulate credits towards an accredited qualification. This course also serves as part of a board examination for graduates to register at the professional body for wellness counsellors.

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