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A theology of heart Module 1

Theology is a way to love God with the mind. It provides a way to strengthen faith and give an account of why we believe what we believe. The content is designed in such a way as not to promote any specific church doctrine but to encourage spiritual growth and reality.

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35 Days Learning Content
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  • Here is exactly what we cover in this course:

    Module  KG01 provides an introduction to theology as a subject that brings the Bible into everyday living.

    Module KG02  explains how revelation brings the reality of the spiritual world into our experience.

    Module KG03  will help you think about God as part of your personal story as well as the history of the world.

    Module EG01 gives an overview of Christology – the ministry and meaning of Jesus Christ for today.

    This training programme is ideally suited for people interested in ministry study or as background training in pastoral counselling. We trust that you will enjoy it just as much as we when we compiled the course. 

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