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Advanced Dyslexia & Visual Learner Support Programme - Module 4

An invaluable course for all Gr 1 to Gr 6 Teachers, Remedial Teachers, and Therapists - 15 CPTD points (complete Modules 1-4)

R 3700

This Course Includes

1.5 hours video
On Demand Training
  • Prerequisite

    In order to enroll for this course you will have to first complete the prerequisite course:
    Advanced Dyslexia & Visual Learner Support Programme - Module 3


    In Module 4 we shall discuss:

    The GoFocus Computer Programme

    Whilst Modules one to three dealt with specialised techniques for table work activities, Module 4 offers an in-depth discussion of the remedial computer software programme used to enhance the table work activities and assist learners with reading, writing and spelling.

    At the end of this Module you will complete an online Assessment and your Certificate will be emailed to you.


    • 2-4Gb of Data
  • Course Curriculum

    • Module 4
      • VIDEO 1 – Introduction & Outcomes
      • VIDEO 2 – GoFocus Admin Application: Usernames & Passwords, Revision of uploading/registering a learning on the system, Manual Assessment, and How to save the Assessment report.
      • VIDEO 3 – GoFocus Child Application
      • VIDEO 4 – Activation File & License File