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Meta Theory - Module 13

There is a global transformation underway to shift care-giving beyond healthcare to what I call facilitated life-care. What is the difference and why is it significant? we might ask. This is a very important question to consider.

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  • Here is exactly what we cover in this course:

    The nature of normal mainline medicine is based on what is known as the ‘bio-medical model’. It follows an endogenic approach to healthcare which means doctors  look inside the body and not at the wider system in which the patient is embedded.  The word ‘endogenic’ describes what is internal and focus on that which happens beneath the surface in  contrast  to exogenic factors that occur on outside. This explains why the physician will send you to a pathologist for blood, hormone and similar tests.  The need to pay attention to these aspects cannot be taken over by any other option, it remains important, but the endogenic picture is a limited diagnosis for it has a fairly narrow and exclusive internal  focus.

    Wellness on the other hand, is an exogenic approach for its focus is on what happens in life. It looks at the bigger picture of things that may influence us and our health either positively of detrimentally.  Sufficient scientific  evidence is available to substantiate the claim that one the system is in harmony, healing and revitalization can ensue. It sees healthcare as part of life-care and this is the practice of wellbeing.

    In this study unit we go into the meta-theory that underlies the wellness paradigm. The mastering of the content will enable the candidate to practice with confidence, be able to apply wellness principles  to meet health challenges and give a scientific and philosophic account of its presuppositions.

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