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Grace as existential living space (2024 CPD)

WRITE-UP CPD: Grace as existential space Why a CPD on the topic of grace, you might ask? There are many reasons, but I would say that one of the prime one’s being that clients are in need of understanding and experiencing grace, especially in times of turmoil and need. Many people see grace as a religious laden world, but grace also extends its meaning to everyday life and living.

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    By taking grace to mean an existential living space, it provides a counselling tool to empower clients and change their attitudes. Most people function according to the principles of merit and retaliation, but grace changes all of that. Grace is a reality to live by, but it requires us to participate in gracious living. The frustration of clients with their challenges and problems often renders counselling difficult due to emotional turmoil. Grace underlies and teaches virtues like patience, acceptance, love and compassion – all prerequisites to effective counselling. Accordingly it can be helpful to encourage the client to enter into a mode and attitude of gracefulness before counselling ensues.

    Being tolerant with a situations does not mean complacency, but it means moving forward with acceptance, peace, gratitude and contentment. This is the only way we can assure that the solution seeking is not a reaction, but a constructive action from the space of grace. This is real empowerment. This is why and how you can benefit as counsellor by doing this CPD.

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